Renato nascimento is a technology professional focused on web technologies. Works in this field since 2006, when he started an internship at the same University where he studied Computer engineering. Since then, he has never stopped dedicating his studies to systems for the web. For about ten years, he worked at Ser Educacional, a big education company in Brazil, leading the software development team in creation of a diverse solution pack that gave support to the digitation of processes and helping the company to innovate. By 2012 he learned about a new platform that would completely change his view of building systems: Outsystems Agile Platform. He completely fell in love with it. Now he is a specialist on it, attaining a professional-level certification, as long as a Tech Lead one. Now he is a Senior Outsystems Consultant at Digital Alchimia, where he acts diligently to ensure the success of its customers and partners’ digital products.